Lost In The Storm, Found In The Rainbow

Lost In The Storm, Found In The Rainbow




My name is Paula Hurndon Mathis, I am a very proud native Washingtonian and I am married to Larry Mathis and we are the proud parents of four wonderful children; Eboni, Shannon, Kareem, and Lawrence. 

The very first page in this book, speaks volumes! It not only explains a little about me and where I’ve been but also the places others might have visited in this life. This first page also introduces the substance of this book which can be described as short and sweet – truth and Light!

I could describe myself as always having a gift of communication, whether verbal or non-verbal. However in truth, how I communicated was not always appropriate or effective. I can only thank God for second chances, timely intervention and a good cleaning up of my words, my actions and my heart. God then directed me to the mediums of poetry and prose. It is through poetry I am able to share the things of God in a very simplistic form with a little touch of sweetness and through prose, it all connects! This book has blessed me to have these platforms to share who Jesus is and what Jesus did and continues to do for ALL who would receive Him.

This little book and all the power inside of it, was written in obedience and via my morning conversations in the bathroom with the Holy Spirit. Yes, my bathroom is my prayer closet and what has poured out onto the pages of this book was inspired by the voice of God in our morning meetings through prayer, in my bathroom.

Through poetry and prose, this book tells a story where many can place themselves in. This book also shares the path that many of us have been on or are still on, and it also shares the reward at the end of the journey. One reader said,“The words ring true in my spirit. I found myself not wanting to stop reading. It causes you to be retrospective as well as introspective where you have been and where you are going!” Another reader simply said, “There’s so much transparency and truth in it.”

I anticipate with a humble heart those that will embrace the writings within. I rejoice in the smiley faces I see radiating from Heaven’s light as this little book makes a mighty impact on the many who are “Lost in the Storm…” Because for those still seeking, your Savior is waiting!